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A couple of Clan Shigu warriors were doing standard military procedure when they heard what sounded like thunder.

Most of the Shigu clan was superstitious about this because the skies were clear.

But general rain pushed aside superstitious beliefs. She was only focused on war efforts.
But she was curious about why the sound of thunder was happening in the middle of a clear day.

She was more curious about the West there was a mountain range that seem to block out something she didn’t want to waste good resource to see what’s on the other side.

But she pushed this thought aside. And then went back to work.\\\\--

///Even in dust there is something still there you just have to find it\\\\

10 minutes after drop. I woke up to a sharp pain in my chest will I was sitting in the pod. Only thing I could see was red. First thing I did a pulled a piece of metal that was lodging in my chest and found the bag that had the medical supplies in it. Took out some bio foam and shoved it into the gap in my chest.

(Since my lung was collapsed since it was punctured) My lung filled with foam and then I can breathe without drowning in my own blood. And then activated all the explosive bolts. The pod door busted off I crawled out of the pod find myself a mile away from the target. My target was to find more medical supplies for my punctured lung and to reestablish contact any U.N.S.C ships that could be near.

I look back in the pod to find my assault rifle to have a giant piece of metal sticking out of it so I was only armed with a revolver might as well get going. a couple of hours passed before I reach the outskirts of the city of found hospital after a little while of searching found some bio foam and morphine after the hospital I found a gun store there was no rifles or any type of gun in their but all I could find was gun parts.

The sun started to set. I built myself a bolt action rifle. It had a bipod with a 5 to 12 times zoom. And plenty of ammo.

I found an abandoned building it look like a research center. I found something that looked like a data pad that was locked away in a safe that was broken is still worked surprisingly.

I took out the data chip that had the ships AI in it. The data pad had a port where I can put the data chip in but they AI did not respond apparently it took a lot of shock in the pod so they AI was rendered useless. As for the files that was encrypted onto the AI were still there.  Since it suffered much trauma it disabled the AI’s thinking processors. (It means that getting suggestions from this AI is completely useless)

Anyways I had set up on the outskirts of the city. As the darkness had started to surround me I started a small campfire and tried to think of where I was after a little while I slowly fell asleep. /////=---
Sergals, Rain Silves, Vilous, and some other things İMick39 (AKA Trancy Mick)

will be really nice is someone left me a comment.
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Again, offering editing.
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//?This is good! Nice and spaced out; makes it much easier to read. Progress!
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