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In the middle of the night I woke up to surprise their something outside the camp I made. To my surprise it look like a cyber dog (but but after a little while I learn that it is Talyxia.)

It was strange it did not act aggressive but more carriers than ever but it never step foot into the light that was made by the campfire. But I kept on seeing this strange creature every time I made camp.

One night it came into the light for a little while and ran off but it was long enough to see what it look like it’s had had a metallic like part. It had fur it was kind of blackish. The metallic part were on is tell, for feet, and head. The metallic parts were darkish blue and when the night him they were black but that was all I could tell from this thing.
Since the thing kept on following me around I declared to call it my mysterious friend.
One day was scavenging an old building I looked outside the window to see that mysterious friend was staring back at me but then he got blindsided by something almost look like me.

I took a shot with my bolt action the thing that was attacking my mysterious friend fell. The thing that looked like me fell down onto the ground and the bled out a puddle of blood. I rushed downstairs to see if mysterious friend was still alive.

His head was badly damaged to try getting close to him but he kept on reacting like he was trying to run
away from me. So I put my weapons down and he started to act calm. I look at his head. It looked badly hurt. I looked at the thing that was bleeding out it was a sergal is armed with some sort of war club. I checked the body see if he had any maps or anything there is a couple of herbs a bandage but I didn’t see anything else.

I went back to my friend he on the ground bleeding from the head use laying down right side. A few cuts were on his left side but nothing too serious as his head injury. I gave him some morphing for the headache he was probably having and bandaged his head up.

I looked over his body see the any other injuries but also because I was curious. The most interesting part was his head had three eyes except for one. Two on the side and one on top the top one had a pupil but it was more robotic looking the other two. The other two Look like a screen except for had no pupil all three these eyes were a really dark blue.

But anyways it was getting dark I tried to pick up my friend but he was too heavy I had to drag him to camp where laid him close to the fire so you would get cold because the nights get extremely cold. While sitting there looking at him I thought for a second of where I was. Poll out the data that was in my bag and look through the files that it had and then I found it./////--------
Sergal, Vilous, Talyxia ,and some other things İMick39 (AKA Trancy Mick)

I would really like some feedback will be something.
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